University of Minnesota student loses job for failing to represent Social Justice

Many colleges are becoming more politically correct now day’s, and seek to represent an air of ‘Social Justice’. Earlier this month a student at the University of Minnesota who worked as a CA(community adviser), and despite being an honors student, juggling a second job at Coffman Memorial Student Union, and participating as Lietenant Governor of six “Circle K” clubs (statewide volunteering), was not rehired by the HRL (The Department of Housing and Residential life) because she did not display proper attitudes toward social justice.

The student, Justine Schwarz, was evaluated on a performance review, that showed major inconsistencies, which was examined in an article by the Minnesota Republic.

Format of performance review used

While the performance review rated Justine highly in categories that rely on her engaging in the community and protecting the community guidelines for all of the students, where as the areas she scores lower on include requirements such as, define terms: social justice-power-privilege, promoting the HRL’s social media accounts, and telling stories on how to use one’s own ‘inner strength’.

Justine was also supposed to read the HRL Diversity and Social Justice training manual, which contains many youtube videos relating to social justice issues, as well as defining social justice terminology such as privilege and oppression, oppression said to occur at the ‘macro’ level, a stream of ‘systems’ like racism, sexism, classism and ableism, which they describe to affect specific groups, going beyond individuals. There was also other introductory material for the CA’s that linked them to sites like everyday feminism, MTV decoded, and Buzzfeed, all sites that are in very strong support of the social justice movement

Justine’s evaluation was reviewed by Sean Smallwood, the residence director at her hall, who stated that, “Justine struggles with ambiguity and practicing empathy with her peers. At times this is a barrier to further growth around diversity and social justice”. So part of the ‘problem’ that led to her not being rehired, was that she was open to more than one point of view, on the issues of diversity and social justice, which Smallwood and the institution obviously didn’t approve of.

The residence hall Justine worked in

This is an example of a honors performing model student, that does not get the job they have already been doing well, purely for ideological reasons. The social justice narrative spreading in universities like these may manifest differently in different institutions, such as the famous protests from Mizzou, or the more recent and violent Berkely riots, where the belief that they hold the right and ‘just’ opinion makes students try and ban or silence opposing ones. The performance of Justine and others like her at their jobs is irrelevant to the sjw ideologues, they simply care about whether or not the person in question is capitulating to the ideas that social justice propagates.


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