The New ‘Not my Presidents Day’ Protests

This Presidents day weekend, there were anti-trump protests in many cities across the U.S. The ‘not my president’ phrase has been floating around in the american political discussion, ever since Trump was elected back in November, as a way for people to to show that they do not accept Trump as President, in large part due to the ‘hate’ of many minorities, that they claim he has created in America.

The protests this weekends became so numerous, especially because they were spread over social media. The ‘Not my President’s Day rally in Los Angeles was organized on Facebook, which inspired many other similar protests organized on social media, such as the rallies that have happened or been planned in New York, Washington DC, Kansas City, Atlanta, and Denver, in order for all the people to protest Trumps authority

Not my presidents day protest’s

So thousands of people have gone out to protest Trump, or are still planning to; that’s all well and good. The thing is, this kind of protest isn’t exactly new. In fact just like the phrase these protests are named after, it’s been going on ever since Trump was first elected.

There was a number of protests in response to the inauguration in January, as well as the international Women’s march that had a large presence in the United States, which protested Trump, and his statements about women, and other instances of supposed misogyny. And of course there were the original ‘Not my President’ protests that occurred right after the election in November and lasted for several days due to the anger caused by the outcome of the election.

So ever since Trump was elected, these ‘not my president’ type protesters have been showing up on the streets with their signs that repudiate him and his ‘evil’. And it is through this continued lack of actual engagement that the protesters take the meaning away from their own protest. Political protest is used as a tool by the people to make their voice heard, in the hope of getting their representatives to better represent them. If all these people would go out and organize protests for specific changes they want made, they would actually have some chance of affecting the political decisions Trump is making, and possibly negotiating “a better deal” with their pariah. But when crowds of people just show up and start name-calling and stating demands like, “dump Trump”  they don’t stand a chance to affect actual political change, worse yet, they’re not even really trying to.



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    1. A thought that the protesters did express, but I was referring to a specific change that actually has a chance of happening.

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