Ryerson University instructor tells student to only use ‘feminist sources’

Recently the Toronto Sun published an article reporting on how an instructor at Ryerson university had told a student that they should disregard the sources that they used in their paper, and instead look at feminist literature and sources. The paper in question purported that the gender wage gap is a myth. The professor stated in an email to the student that their assertion was flat out wrong, and went on to ‘explain’ the reality of the issue.

Tweet that brought attention to the issue.

Attention was brought to the situation when youtuber MyNameIsJosephine tweeted the professors email to the student, who is Josephine’s sister. Josephine had said that it was her who suggested to her sister to write the paper about the wage gap, and called out the professor for the way she handled the issue.

In the email to the student the professor flat-out told her that her stance for the paper was wrong, then going not to provide with possible counterpoints, but to push her own opinion saying , “The way the wage gap works largely today is through the glass ceiling”.

After providing the student with the pro-feminist stance and suggesting feminist sources to back it up, the professor stated, “Do NOT use business sources. They blame women. The reality is patriarchy”. She might as well have said: ‘do not use alternative sources, they do not support my narrative, my narrative is reality’. And on top of this, in the description for the paper assignment, the professor has barred official sources such as Statistics Canada, the Government of Canada website, and dictionary references. This professor of Ryerson is clearly pushing an agenda, demanding that only one point of view be argued as correct, and disavowing any sources that contradict that point of view. Of course if the professor limits the sources that the students can draw from for research, they will be bound to support the only point of view that these sources do.

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  1. whether or not the wage gap exists isn’t really the point here. The point is that a university instructor disallowed any dissent on the subject.

    The instructor should have requested “feminist sources” to be considered to present a different point of view. Demonstrating why a different point of view is important will be a fundamental component of a successful paper.

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