Riots break out in Sweden’s Capital

On February 20th, as people began to gather in the neighborhood Stockholm when a suspect was being arrested in the suburb of Rinkeby. According to the police report, people began throwing rocks, one of which hit a police officer in the arm. From there the police called in several patrols to help break up the crowd, firing in the air for affect; no people are reported to have been shot, and no gun wounds in the area have been reported.

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Fires set later in riots

Somewhat later in the evening, several cars were reported to have been set on fire in the area, and some shops were looted. Although the riots occurred throughout the day, Stockholm police reported to have calmed the area by midnight, when the riots ended.

This was no the first time that Stockholm has had riots such as this, a series of them in 2013, leading to fires set in the city in schools and a police station. Those riots were originally believed to have started when the police killed a 69-year old man wielding a machete.

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Burned cars in the Stockholm riot

The recent riots also gained some attention to President Donald Trumps recent comments on, ‘what happened in Sweden last night‘ where he referenced a night where nothing happened; It was later revealed that he was referring to a segment on Fox news discussed by Tucker Carlson. Many are noting it ironic that actual riots break out in Sweden the day after the President made such claims, and many called him out on it.