Jontron vs Destiny debate: The media discussion of the new “racist” gamer

Recently prominent youtuber gamer Jontron had a debate on youtuber Destiny’s channel on matters of immigration. The debate was initiated after Jontron tweeted a defense of the controversial tweet Rep. Steve King put out recently where he said, “We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies”.

Many news publications put out articles discussing the views that Jontron expressed in the debate, the common narrative being that he was racist, due to his statement that mass immigration from the third world was a negative thing. He made several points pertaining to immigrant communities in the US as well as Europe.

The first of these articles was from Gizmodo, which went to explain that Jontron had spent the whole interview “vilifying immigrants as lazy criminals” which was actually not anywhere near what he said. Gizmodo got this from his talking about the crime statistics in these communities, and the fact that some of these immigrants are benefiting and taking advantage of the welfare; both of which he discussed in different parts of the discussion. The article goes on to mention a quote from Jontron when he said that immigration would be fine if these immigrants assimilated- “‘if they assimilated they would enter the gene pool eventually.’ One imagines Mengele would be proud”. But entering a gene pool of a certain population is literally what happens when a smaller group comes into an area with a larger population, not a fucking Nazi sentiment Gizmodo.

This narrative spread to more prominent news sources, such as when Time released an article later in the week. Time discussed things Jontron said concerning tribalism/identity politics, which the original Gizmodo article painted as him advocating for white racial tribalism, when in fact he was talking about those kinds of opinions that are spread around in the left. And then of course they showed several ‘disappointed fans’ reactions, lamenting at all the ‘racism’.

There is a simple reason to why this debate sparked this kind of media response. The host Destiny, performed far better in the debate. He was able to center the conversation of identity politics around white people while ignoring the context of leftist identity politics Jontron was referencing; and he usually berated any analogy Jontron tried to make between American and European immigration because they are different. This representation of Jontron as the racist that is conflated with nazis is the perfect one to be passed around in the media, sparking a whole new shitstorm about the innocuous youtube gamer, just like they did with Pewdiepie.